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Our approach is consultative, tailored and brand agnostic.

We expertly guide our clients through the maze of available benefit options to deliver a comprehensive solution they can both understand and afford. But that’s just half the BenefitCorp story. Our one-source, one-solution approach streamlines back office HR, accounting and compliance processes, gives employees instant, easy access to all their benefits, and—typically saves the employer money in the end.

The time saved, hassles avoided, and the peace of mind gained are hard to wrap your head around—that is—until the weight’s lifted.

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The Magic of Integration

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BenefitCorp offers employers a streamlined, time-saving, hassle-free alternative to individual providers solutions—an all-in-one portal for HR, Payroll, Benefits, Risk Management, and Compliance. Our integrated solution allows management to view reports and approve employee requests from anywhere in the world, simultaneously providing an online, shopping-cart-like interface through which employees can easily view and change their benefits.

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